Benefits HR & Payroll Management Software

The sustainability and profitability of the business are largely dependent on the human resource of the company. This means an organization needs to properly manage the day-to-day activities of its employee with the highest form of precision. Undertaking this task can be tedious and demanding especially if you have a large workforce.

Do you know you can avoid all this stress that comes with the management of your employees with our HRM payroll software?

You can integrate your ERP software with the HR and Payroll management module. Not only does the incorporated system make processing salary and administrating employees much easier, but it also comes with additional benefits such as:

1.    Enhance Information Sharing and Collaboration
Relevant information of employees can be shared with all other departments at a glance of a simple click.

2.    Keep Employee Records Up-to-Date
The software automates, update, process and ensures that all employee data stored in the integrated HR and Payroll module is up-to-date.

3.    Efficient Attendance and Leave Tracking
The system keeps track of leaves and provides extensive leave profiles of all your employees to simplify the way you handle their requests.

4.    Automation Frees Up Time for More Relevant Tasks
The HR and Payroll module once integrated into your ERP system allows you storing and accessing a large employee information database. Automation of these processes removes major obstacles for the HR department.

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